Hey I saw your wedding pics! The danger of default configurations

hp-a-sabotage0Hi there!

Well, this will be a quick post but very important one.

Scrolling through my Facebook feeds, i stumbled across a post from a technology page regarding a vulnerability in some Wireless ASUS Router with USB network storage capabilities. The fact was that anybody could access the contents of the devices without passwords and without much efforts. From wedding pics, to music files to personal videos; everything! After some diving, i found that some people have already had their data stolen by some malicious guy asking for $50 to return the data.

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Creating Office documents online


My friends often complain that they do not have Microsoft Office installed on their computer and badly need to type a document. This usually happen after an OS reinstall. There exist options like Wordpad but most users are familiar and more at ease with the Microsoft Office application suite. Also, it may be that somebody is not at home but at some friend’s/relative’s house and need to create a Powerpoint Presentation but that friend uses OpenOffice or any other office application or worse they use iOS :S !! So, by hook or by crook, you need that ribbon interface and circle ‘File’ button. Well, good news; there exist an online version of Microsoft Office. Here’s a quick guide about how to use it;

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Creating PDF files easily and for free


Some years back, sharing documents meant sending Microsoft Word’s .doc files through email. But, unless protected by a read-only lock, the document can be edited by anyone and the original author details can be faked. Also, Microsoft Word .doc files sometimes had large file sizes. Users also suffered from macros hidden inside the files too. — Then came .pdf files. Students, lecturers, marketers, authors, etc are now using them for their end-of-chain document users. Reading pdf file does not need any Geek knowledge or rocket science certificate, but creating them is a nightmare for many of the inhabitants of the web. Here is a quick, easy and free way to create .pdf files.

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