Creating PDF files easily and for free


Some years back, sharing documents meant sending Microsoft Word’s .doc files through email. But, unless protected by a read-only lock, the document can be edited by anyone and the original author details can be faked. Also, Microsoft Word .doc files sometimes had large file sizes. Users also suffered from macros hidden inside the files too. — Then came .pdf files. Students, lecturers, marketers, authors, etc are now using them for their end-of-chain document users. Reading pdf file does not need any Geek knowledge or rocket science certificate, but creating them is a nightmare for many of the inhabitants of the web. Here is a quick, easy and free way to create .pdf files.

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Your Webcam: Threat to personal privacy ?


Most of us have a webcam attached to our PC or embedded in our laptops. We usually use them for video calls over Skype, ooVoo and Windows Live Messenger and sometimes for video recordings. Webcams were also used to live broadcast the demonstrations in the Middle East last year. These uses are of one’s own free will. You’ve chosen to start the video call or you’ve accepted the call; or it is you who clicked the ‘Record’ button. But sometimes, without you doing anything same, your webcam is accessed and what’s in it field of view is watched remotely !

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How to choose a good password


Being an Internet user, means that somewhere somehow you have to have a private account accessible only after entering a string of alphanumeric characters known to you only or rather a Password.

password is a secret word or string of characters that is used for user authentication to prove identity, or for access approval to gain access to a resource – Wikipedia

So, your password prevents unauthorised access to your personal messages, to your online storage service, to your bank accounts (online), to your social accounts (Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc) and thus has to be as hard-to-guess as possible.

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Online Banking – Are you safe?

As more and more of my friends are turning 18 this year, most of them have already taken ownership of their savings account. They now have a Credit Card and some of them are using it for online banking particularly to buy stuffs from . That’s great but there are some important points to consider before conducting Online Banking Transactions.

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Hello World !! :)

Hi there !
Welcome to my blog. This is my first post (after the test post). Took quite long to get the account back, as I forgot the email address associated to it. Will be using this blog until I activate my official website .

What kind of posts will there be?
Well, anything ranging from tutorials, to Tips&Tricks to reviews, guides and howtos.

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