How to disable user account control?


All those who found the user account control dialog box annoying, raise your hand! Well, I do, although it helps me to keep an eye on the applications that want to run with administrative privileges on my PC. For sure, you must have been looking for a way to disable it. Well, here’s a Quick Guide to disabling it.

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Wi-Fi Tethering – Use your mobile as Wi-Fi access point

wifiImagine yourself in one of these situations; You are on the road, traffic jam and you badly need to connect to the Internet on your laptop…   You are at home; there’s a power cut and you need an Internet Connection on your laptop but your router does not have backup battery.. How on Earth can you connect to the Internet ?? There exist Mobile Internet USB dongle, but the rains pouring outside, and you do not have a new SIM card to insert in the dongle. BUT !! You have a smartphone ! that already has a data plan or that can connect to the Internet and that very smartphone has a Wi-Fi antenna. Can you browse the Internet using your mobile phone as access point ?? Read on 😉

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Dropbox – The Quick Guide


Recently I had to transfer files from my Android Tablet to my PC for the purpose of an article. The simplest way was to use a thumbdrive as the tablet has a USB host feature, but to each time look for a thumbdrive, copy, disconnect, reconnect, browse … as lazy as I am, I had to find another solution which took lesser time and lesser moves. I could use Skydrive discussed in another article on my blog but I wanted a simpler method, that of a folder on my PC that pulls contents for a cloud location and that very same folder can be edited too from the tablet. I heard of Dropbox and upon reading its features, I was without any doubt that Dropbox was the solution I needed. So I decided to gave it a try and to write an article about it too.

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Android Apps


Youppi!! I got my android tablet after waiting for almost three months. Its a Penta Internet Tablet IC103C running Android 4.01. The first I installed was Avast Mobile Security from Play Store. Then I browsed the store for other applications and found loads of very interesting apps but also an amazing number of applications that I call Fake Apps or Fooling Apps.
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