Troubleshooting Guide – Unable to access Google and/or Youtube


For Orange Mauritius Broadband (DSL) Users only 

Several users of the Orange Broadband Internet Service reported that they cannot access Google and Youtube since the morning of Monday the 18th of February. Either a blank page was the only reply or simply a ‘Connection Timeout’ Error. Orange Mauritius, in a post on its Official Facebook Page, said that the ‘problem’ was on Google’s side and that they have opened a ticket about it; meanwhile , the company advised its users to change their DNS Server Addresses to that of Google. Here’s a ‘tiplet’ on how to proceed.

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How to disable user account control?


All those who found the user account control dialog box annoying, raise your hand! Well, I do, although it helps me to keep an eye on the applications that want to run with administrative privileges on my PC. For sure, you must have been looking for a way to disable it. Well, here’s a Quick Guide to disabling it.

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