How to disable Skype Translator


Skype got a new card in its playing deck since some time. It’s called Skype Translator. It, essentially, translate your conversations into another language to ease interaction. They rolled it out for select pre-registered users using the Windows 8 Operating System (I got the upgrade but did not use Windows 8) and then released it fully to all users since a week or two. Being a nice system, its been laying down silently in the sidebar on my Skype Application. At first, it was only for text conversations and can be turned off. Flicked it on for some tests and flicked it off again. But then it “became alive”! Voice conversations were being “translated” too!! Worse, it was trying to translate conversations from my mother-tongue language, Creole, to English. It turned out to be a mess, a real mess and so annoying popping on during the whole conversation!

Skype attempting to translate vocal Creole conversation to English

Skype attempting to translate vocal Creole conversation to English

And then I took the decision to get my parents to disable it on their side, [I disabled mine some days back]. Then I thought, I must not be the only one to be annoyed by this, as the feature was added during the automatic updates and enabled by default, I decided to write this post to help others who want to disable same too.

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Exit Bufferbloat Enter OpenWRT and fq_codel


So! It’s been long since my last blog-post! But this one will compensate for the time I’ve been off-air.

Well, Logan‘s done a presentation on fq_codel and I got really interested in the topic. fq_codel (fair-queuing controlled delay), in a nutshell, was designed to overcome Bufferfloat; a phenomena in Networking whereby excess buffering of packets causes bottlenecks and thus reduces network quality. fq_codel is a scheduling algorithm that sets limits on delays suffered due to the bufferings. I won’t go too technical deep in this blog post.. This post will only show the setting-up of OpenWRT, and configuring it to enable CoDel and thus improve our networking performance. Hopefully, more posts about OpenWRT will follow including tutorials for some amazing features :) Stay tuned !!

To be honest, I had some experience beforehand with those Operating Systems. I once got an Access Point from somebody that did not support bridge mode. I had to kick the propriety firmware out, install DDWRT, configure it (+ some tweaks 😛 ) and had it up and running. It’s still working since around a year or so..

The router I chose is a TPLINK WR841N; chose another model that had modem capabilities built-in but unfortunately, same did not support OpenWRT. Had to get it replaced by the vendor.

Well, let’s dive inside..

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IPv6 for Mauritius

IPv6 for Mauritius

Recently on Social Media and tech-oriented mailing-lists, there has been lots of debate following a statement on the National TV by the Minister of ICT in Mauritius, Mr Tassaragen Chelumbrum Pillay, in which he said that the IPv4 addresses are exhausting and thus we need to move to IPv6. Well, for non-technical people out there, this can sound a little alien-language. The purpose of this article is to try to explain in simplest terms, the IP addressing system, IPv4, IPv6, how to transition effectively from IPv4 to IPv6 and consumer concerns about same. For the writing of this article, I asked my friend, Logan to help me. Why Logan? Well, Logan has Operational Experience in IPv6 with his employer, AFRINIC deploying IPv6 networks in Africa, plus Logan is currently in deep IPv6 research and has even brought forward some security fixes for a few platforms. He is willing to help the Government of Mauritius with his knowledge and expertise. “I would like to help my country, Mauritius, to do the jump to IPv6 in a cost-effective, highly secure, reliable way while conforming to international standards of the IETF…” – to quote some of Logan’s words.

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Orange Mauritius Mobile Internet Packages


Since long, I was looking for some ‘real’ saver-packages provided by mobile phone providers in Mauritius. By real, I  mean those which will make you take make the best out of your mobile but at little cost (call, sms, and data). Especially today, with the advent of Internet connected services and the huuugge library of apps that require Internet connections. Recently, I had a issue whereby somebody with only some minutes of Whatsapp conversation over data connection, had Rs.30+ of mobile credit deducted. I thought to myself, is it that expensive? If yes, then this would slow-down the rise of Internet-Connected services both at developers’ side and users’-side.

Even if I often and always criticize Customer Services, note that the Customer Services responded kindly and explained to me clearly what was eating up the credit and all and did not mind to keep on replying my emails. Thanks buddy

Then, I came across an advert by Orange Mauritius whereby they are offering packages with SMS, data and unlimited Facebook and decided to write this article.

So, in this article; I will be touching the following points;

  1. Are the packages offered by Orange Mauritius ‘real’ (as mentioned above?)
  2. How to make the best out of those existing packages and save money you spend on mobile credit.

So, let’s go !

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Convert text from an image into editable text- The/An easy way

thumbHello there. It’s been a long time since I have not written a post. Well, the one today is about something I am used to do; but one of my friends asked to show him how it’s done; so I thought – Why not write a blog-post/tutorial about it?
What happened? .. Well I was busy doing nothing when the friend whatsapped (please do not search for that verb in the dictionary) me saying he had trouble copying texts from a document for his homework. I asked him to send me the document so that I can. In fact, the document was a PDF one; it was not a locked document but it was a scanned doc. hmm.. How to grab the text from it?.. The easy way though.. It’s coming next 😉

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