Dropbox – The Quick Guide


Recently I had to transfer files from my Android Tablet to my PC for the purpose of an article. The simplest way was to use a thumbdrive as the tablet has a USB host feature, but to each time look for a thumbdrive, copy, disconnect, reconnect, browse … as lazy as I am, I had to find another solution which took lesser time and lesser moves. I could use Skydrive discussed in another article on my blog but I wanted a simpler method, that of a folder on my PC that pulls contents for a cloud location and that very same folder can be edited too from the tablet. I heard of Dropbox and upon reading its features, I was without any doubt that Dropbox was the solution I needed. So I decided to gave it a try and to write an article about it too.

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Android Apps


Youppi!! I got my android tablet after waiting for almost three months. Its a Penta Internet Tablet IC103C running Android 4.01. The first I installed was Avast Mobile Security from Play Store. Then I browsed the store for other applications and found loads of very interesting apps but also an amazing number of applications that I call Fake Apps or Fooling Apps.
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