Memories; First published post

Some days ago, while browsing through backup stuffs; I came across this article. The latter being the first article I ever published on my Wetpaint page and on my HTML-Only-Blog. Was quite -or rather; really – primitive those times..

Writing this post ; I would also like to thank all those who helped me learn lots in the ICT field,
teachers, friends, colleagues, passer-by, I cannot list you all here;
but my sincerest thanks go to you :)
Thank You very much for sharing your knowledge and your patience. May God Bless you always !!

EDIT: This is actually not the first one; I published another one but cannot find it.

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Have an Open Mind; Be open Source


Have an Open Mind; Be OpenSource

This sentence has been through my mind for some two months. Being an advocate for free education to all [my motto: for a free and sound knowledge world] , I put that together in my mind when LUGM (Linux User Group of Mauritius) was organising the LinuxFest event (and more during the online meeting prior to the Corsair Hackers Reboot); my mind sparkled about the opensource stuffs laying around all of us and helping us ‘freely’. It also stuck thanks to my favorite-toy-forever; the Arduino [ prototyping board for electronics and hardware programming enthusiats ].

After finding the correct wordings for that statement; (hope the grammar or whatever rules of English Language find it valid;  if not .. 😛 ) , I decided to use that anytime I complete something related to the OpenSource world, be it an article or talk on Arduino, Linux, OpenSource hardwares and the like.

Having nothing sooo interesting to do, I ‘designed’ a Facebook Cover Image for that. Was sleepy at that time, couln’t get more ideas regarding the Icons and the composition ideas; but my sleepy mind and eyes find it ‘ya its quite ok; don’t tweek more, you’ll mess it more!’ and it ended like this;

Designed while asleep :P

Designed while asleep :P

Well, I think that’s all for tonite;

Disclaimer: If ever you think i was drunk while writing that.. it’s not the case, was simply sleepy 😛

Till then,

Have an OpenMind, Be OpenSource


Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 – My thoughts

Being without any news of your relatives is indeed painful - Photo:

Being without any news of your relatives is indeed painful – Photo:

Saturday the 8th of March 2014; Malaysian Airline MH370 departs from Kuala Lumpur International Airport at 16:41 GMT bound for Beijing. On board, 227 passengers mainly from China and Malaysia together with some from Canada, US, Russia and others. The crew members, 17 in total were all Malaysians. Then, around one hour from takeoff (17:30 GMT), all contacts with the plane is lost. Not so unusual as it often happens if planes are out of the reach of radars, but they reappear on the screens afterwards. But MH370 never reappeared again.. 2 days.. 4 days.. 6 days.. It’s now one week from the incident and still no news from the aircraft. A huge search and rescue operation was started, teams from Malaysia, China, Vietnam, U.S, Indonesia, Taiwan. Singapore, India (infogram of those participating in search operations at the end of article – Taken from Wall Street Journal) among others came in using the best of their available resources including but not limited to spy satellites. Till now, no plane was found. Rumours of sightings, beliefs of hijacks and crashes and lots of crazy ideas have been running around the world with each and everyone trying to bring his/her explanation to what happened. Added to what some are saying that phones are still ringing, and that users are online on messaging platforms, beliefs that the pilot committed suicide or that the plane’s coms were deliberately switched off too was not spared. On the authorities’ side, some say that the plane turned back, others are talking about the possibilities of going in the whereabouts of the Pakistan border while others are convinced the plane went somewhere in the Indian Ocean (Some said it even landed in Mauritius; News denied by the Airports of Mauritius). But with all that’s going on the mainstream media, all the resources and efforts put into the search of that plane, all the speculations over the matter, how come the flight has not yet been found? Is the plane still airborne? Is the plane still in one piece? Are the passengers still alive? and the ultimate question.. will Flight MH370 ever be found? Here’s a little about my thoughts of the incident, possible explanations of some facts; What could have happened? What can be done and unfortunately, worst case scenarios.


EDIT #5 – 24 March 16:18 GMT

Plane declared “lost in the Southern Ocean” and that “none of those on board survived” according to a statement published by Malaysian Airlines. Search will continue, but officially the plane has been declared “lost” backed by satellite data of the ‘pings’ from the airplane. Experts say that now the hunt for the Flight-date recorder and Cockpit Voice Recorder (commonly known as ‘blackboxes’). This can be a long wait; 2 years in the case of Air France Flight 447.

EDIT #4 – 24 March 17:13 GMT

Statement from Malaysian Airlines regarding the “loss of the plane”.

Malaysia Airlines MH370 Flight Incident - Media Statement 24

Malaysia Airlines MH370 Flight Incident – Media Statement 24


EDIT #3 – 24 March 16:50 GMT

Malaysian Prime Minister, Najib Razak, declaring Flight MH370 “lost in the Southern Indian Ocean” at a News Conference in Kuala Lumpur, three weeks after the lost of contact and disappearance from radar screens of the Boeing 777-200ER bound for Beijing – Video : Associated Press

A text message was also sent by Malaysian Airlines to the waiting families announcing the ‘loss of the plane'; “Malaysia Airlines deeply regrets that we have to assume beyond any reasonable doubt that MH370 has been lost and that none of those on board survived… we must now accept all evidence suggests the plane went down in the Southern Indian Ocean.”

EDIT #2 – 23 March 23:25 GMT

Exactly like I said: “Flight 370 changed altitude, flying as low as 12,000 feet after making sharp turn. #MH370 #CNN
@IrshaadAbdoolMarch 23

EDIT #1 – 22 March 12:05 GMT

#MH370 disappeared from radar screen because it was “falling”.Becauseonly transponders can show altitude data;which was switched off #MH370
@IrshaadAbdoolMarch 22

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Hey I saw your wedding pics! The danger of default configurations

hp-a-sabotage0Hi there!

Well, this will be a quick post but very important one.

Scrolling through my Facebook feeds, i stumbled across a post from a technology page regarding a vulnerability in some Wireless ASUS Router with USB network storage capabilities. The fact was that anybody could access the contents of the devices without passwords and without much efforts. From wedding pics, to music files to personal videos; everything! After some diving, i found that some people have already had their data stolen by some malicious guy asking for $50 to return the data.

More after the break line..

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Maritus – Mauritius


[slideshare id=30135538&doc=maritus-140117102603-phpapp01]

Maritus, Hint Okuyanusu’nun güneybatı kısmında yer alan ada ülkesi. O volkanik bir ada. O, Madagaskar’ın güneybatısındadır. Yüzölçümüsü 2.040 km2 olup ve nüfüs 1.291.456’dır (2012). Bu ülkede farklı dinlerden insanlar var ve o insanları yabancı dilleri de konuşuyor.

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