Hi. I'm Irshaad Abdool.

I am from Mauritius and student in
Information Systems Engineering in Turkey.
Social, geeky, tech-lover and everything that's linked to technology; am in it. Not exactly 'Jack of all trade' but I like to try and test each and everything I come across. My blog will surely show that better.

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I design and build amazing things.

Either on a freelance basis or for my personal pleasure, I do mainly the following stuffs.


From banners, to flyers to websites, graphics design is my way of expression. Be it for clients or personal, tinkering around with the tools available and the creativity inspired, I create the design/image to reflect the need.


The rare feeling of having something to react and behave like you want it to; Programming and developing systems, apps and devices. My Passion.


Live Video Production and broadcast to displays or online for multi-platform viewing, Directing and producing commercials or short videos; well, everything related by far or near to Multimedia.

My toys, games and playgrounds

These are the stuffs I play with. Yes, I rather say play because for me these are my toys, my games and my playgrounds.


Basic electronics or hardware programming; I love playing around with these components and build/program stuffs.


Penetration testing, vulnerability assessment and securing systems. Nothing black-hat though. And rarely outside the lab.


Especially for my blog, I like to write about my ideas, thoughts and try to explain things in the simplest of ways. My motto: Free, Quality and Open Education for All.

Mobile application development

Quite new to that; but getting better. Still, Android, iOS and soon Microsoft Windows Phone. Develop stuffs for your pockets.


Great fan of aviation and the nuts and bolts running behind everything from aircrafts to airports to ground control and Air Traffic Control. RC Flying crafts; I Love !!

Image: spicediary.com

Tea and Snacks

Not related, but a cup of tea/coffee plus some snacks are always present when I am in front of the laptop either doing personal things or jobs.

Want to hire me or simply get in touch?

drop me a message at info@irshaad.me